Friday, June 5, 2009

God's Grace and the Freedom in.....


When we are tender heated to the Word of God and we allow it to resonate into our hearts which is called grafting we will experience such freedom. God's ways are not our ways and when we allow ourselves to fall into God we experience the most incredible liberty!!!! For example: someone hurts us deeply our natural flesh reaction is to protect ourselves, self defense and we do that by creating a plan of action designed by our minds emotions. Following me,,,,,?

However, if we take a verse that applies to our hurts immediately and apply it, the greatest thing in the world happens......FREEDOM FROM SELF!!!! example: I am hurt deeply and my heart starts to harden in that protection mode I shared above. When I choose to apply be ye kind one to another, tender hearted, forgiving one another I can now identify my hearts hardness and desire the condition of my heart before God to be tender. We can feel our hearts tightening up for protection, via anger, disappointment, even hostile in flesh. This is not of God. God is all about teaching us to give of ourselves to the others benefit. After all is that not the example Jesus demonstrated on the cross? As a matter of fact millions have given their lives selflessly for the cause of Christ in the hopes to win the lost, save the offender, and seek victory over evil! Now I am not saying to be taken advantage of, Jesus plainly called many on the carpet to reveal their hearts motive. We can thou do our part in exercising truth in love and watching God have His way!

All I am sharing is that I have experienced identifying this truth and when obedient to the scriptures being set free beyond a dimension I can describe!

A tender heart is a heart that is operable for the Lord and His purpose in our lives. When our heart becomes hardened, it is unusable for God's plan and therefore rebellious and paralyzed in its sin. Until repentance is confessed before the Lord.

Joh 8:32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. Its not just the truth of salvation, it is the entire book!!!!

Applying basic bible principles will transform your life!!!!
it is so much better to be in the light of Jesus then in the darkness of our minds!!! Think outside the box, show an act of kindness today even if they do not deserve it, that is GRACE!!!! giving radical action creating evangelism!

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